Let’s give creativity wings

Help your child create their little corner of the art world!

Scribble Tribe is made with love and passion by a group of teenagers who believe in providing a simple & dedicated platform for individuals who are passionate about art and creativity and would love to showcase their designs to the world!

With an expert team of designers, manufacturers and logistics we are able to create quality merchandise and get it delivered to any part of the country!

Scribble Tribe is the Official Merchandise Partner for GoodGame1

How it Works?

You fill in the details below
Fill in the clan information in the form, select the merchandise options you need along with the colour options and submit. If you get stuck at any step reach out to us on 9930030693 or hi@scribble-tribe.com
We create the merchandise
Once we receive your request, our team works to create the merchandise for you based on the options selected. Once ready, we will email / WhatsApp you the merchandise mock-ups.
You approve it!
Once you get the mock-ups, you need to approve it and let us know the quantity and sizes of the products you need and make the payment.
We ship it!
We take care of manufacturing the merchandise for your clan and will ship it to you!

    Zero Setup Cost
    Quality Merchandise
    Fully Customizable
    Free Delivery across India
    No Minimum Order Limit

    How can I create my clan merchandise?

    It is very simple and can be done in one single step! Once you fill in the details in the registration form, our team use the information and creates the selected products for you and sends you the design mock ups for your approval. Once you approve, you can order the merchandise of your choice.

    Do I have to pay anything to create my clan merchandise?

    No, you don’t have to pay anything to get your merchandise created. You pay only for the products you order.

    What are the merchandise options?

    Currently, you have an option to create your Unisex Hoodies, Half Sleeves Round Neck T-shirt for men & women, mouse pad, mugs & notebooks.

    I don’t have my clan logo created, what do I do?

    No worries! If you don’t have a clan logo and simply want your clan name to be put up, we can do that. And if you want to get your clan logo created, let us know we would be happy to help!

    Who will create and ship the product?

    Once you approve the merchandise, we will create it and ship the products to you.

    How much time would it take for the products to be delivered to us?

    These merchandise are made to order and usually are shipped and delivered within 7 working days. However, there could be delay due to any unforeseen conditions beyond our control.

    How much does each merchandise cost?

    The cost of products are as follows:



    Product Actual Price Price for you You Save
    Round Neck Half Sleeves T-Shirt – Men
    Round Neck Half Sleeves T-Shirt – Women
    A5 – Notebook

    What is the minimum quantity that I need to order?

    There is no minimum order quantity, you can choose to order a single product as well.

    I don’t like the merchandise can I return it?

    This is highly unlikely! All our materials used and the process followed are of international standards and quality. We are sure you will love it. However, if you still have doubts, the best thing would be to order 1 sample before placing the order for the whole clan.

    How do I track my order?

    Once your order is shipped, we will email you the tracking id. You can use that to track your order.

    I still have some doubts, whom do I talk to?

    No worries, we are here to talk! You can call us on 9930030693 or write to us hi@scribble-tribe.com


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